Remix Culture: Hoisted by my Own Hipster Petard

3 05 2010

So someone in my facebook feed linked to the new “United States of Pop” mashup by DJ earworm. The slave drivers here at the University are clearly working me too hard, because I’ve been looking forward to USoP 2009 since the last one came out. I haven’t checked the mashup forums in ages *wistful sigh*. The bad news is, the quality of these things has been declining every year. I don’t think it’s because pop music’s getting worse, because pop music has always sucked. I don’t think it’s DJ earworm, because the quality of his production has always been pretty topflight. Maybe the novelty of hearing Billboard’s Top 25 songs lumped together is wearing thin. I hope I don’t ever have to start enjoying things sincerely.

Still, you have to admit, DJ earworm manages to build some pretty impressive tunes (especially considering quality of the 25 limp noodles he has for construction material). Anyway, check out the USoP 2007-2009, and lemme know which year you think was the biggest travesty in pop music.

For a real taste of what DJ earworm can do, check out his mash “No More Gas.” It’s a great illustration of how you can mash lots of songs together in a small space and still come out with a clear, substantive final track. Earworm slyly takes some vapid pop music tracks and points out the undertones of consumerism, addiction, desperation, and unhealthy materialism running through them. Which is really cool, in my book.