MC Trebek in the Hizzouse

4 05 2010

In my last post, I was going to talk about how Leeroy Jenkins led to my second favorite clip ever on “Jeopardy.”

Then I was going to mention that my all-time favorite came at 0:26 in this clip.
But then I found this little beauty, and I figured it was probably just best to create a new post.

Alex Trebek’s delivery is great, and I really enjoy the security camera footage of the drunk guy stumbling around the convenience store. I think we need to see more of Alex Trebek rapping.

But how will Alex Trebek be remembered in the internet community? As noted rap MC? Or as the guy who did the weird little seizure dance?

Or the foul-mouthed drunkard?

Or the man without pants?

Or when he made Ken Jennings admit he knew what a ho was.

In summation, I believe Alex Trebek to be totally insane, and I love him for it.




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