Remix Culture: Barack Obama will Not Buy You Fries

30 04 2010

I’m quite fond of President Obama. I think that he’s obviously an intelligent, thoughtful, and tactful man. It’s mostly because of those qualities that I’ve always wanted to hear Barack Obama call someone an “ignorant motherfucker.” Luckily, I live in a day and age where that dream has become a reality.

Yeah, you heard it. I wasn’t sure if it was real, either. But that’s totally Barack Obama, and he totally isn’t going to cover the cost of your french fries. The audio clips have been taken from Obama’s audiobook of “Dreams From My Father.” As far as I know, the person who decided to extract these clips has not yet been awarded a medal. I assume it’s pending.

These clips have been up on the internet for over a year, and frankly I’m surprised I hadn’t heard them before. The earliest mention of them I can find is on the Boston Phoenix blog. Apparently, these quotes are attributed to Obama’s friend Ray, and the President is merely dramatically reenacting them for our unabashed amusement. Obama should thank his lucky stars that this stuff got released in 2009 and not 2008. I can’t imagine what all the beer-swilling crackers would have thought when a Muslim, socialist black man appeared on their TV and began calling them motherfuckers.

At this point, though, I have to wonder if my level of respect for President Obama wouldn’t increase a little if he started calling people “ignorant motherfuckers” to their faces in the course of political debates. It’s not like he wouldn’t have plenty of opportunities. And the internet would love him for it.

In summation: President Obama smokes, drinks, swears, and has frequently inhaled marijuana. He is, therefore, our coolest president ever. Four more years!




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