Remix Culture: Taylor Swift as Psychological Terrorism

27 04 2010

As finals draw near, I crave but one thing: sleep. I could literally spend all day in bed. Every night, my alarm gets set later and later. Every morning, I arise drowsier and drowsier.

I decided I needed a new alarm clock. Something that would stir me from my unholy slumber so that I could greet the day with the prerequisite amount of rage I require to function. I needed an alarm that would elicit all the negative emotions that human beings are capable of: fear, anger, sadness, emptiness, loneliness. I needed something that would make me bristle with loathing at the first signs of consciousness, so much so that I would be immediately driven to find the source of the noise and destroy it with extreme prejudice.

So naturally, I started with Taylor Swift. My old roommate used to blast Taylor Swift songs like they were his party anthem. I would return home to my dorm, only to be faced with the horrors of Ms. Swift singing asinine songs about ponies and fairytales. In an act that borders on mad science (and with the help of some spooky Halloween SFX), I have remixed Taylor Swift’s “Love Song” into a hulking, macabre abomination that threatens the very sanity of those who dare to listen. If a portal to Hell ripped open in my backyard, this is the sound I would imagine emanating forth. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift Beyond Time and Space




2 responses

27 04 2010

Jay-sus! Shit is horrifying!

28 04 2010

well its definately original lol

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