Machinapiece Theater

27 04 2010

I first fell in love with machinima after being introduced to the webseries “Red Vs. Blue.” Using pre-rendered graphics as a template for the creation of cinematic works seemed like a logical and aesthetically sound. Low-budget independent artists now have the choice between shooting their movie on Super-8, or shooting their movie on an alien planet that’s been stunningly depicted by the Bungie Corporation.

So, I’ve decided to showcase some examples of machinima. Not necessarily good examples, mind you, but examples nonetheless. First, I’ve decided to link to Episode 1 of “Freeman’s Mind.” Using the Half-Life game engine, “Freeman’s Mind” gives us provides us with humorous internal dialog from the protagonist Gordon Freeman. I’ve just finished watching the entire series of Peep Show, and I’m really growing fond of this “voice in your head”-style comedy.




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