Unexpected Great Thing About the Internet: Increased Muppet Levels!

20 04 2010

I’ve always said that if I ever manage to become a decent human being, it will be because of the hard work of my grandmother and Kermit the Frog. I think that many of the problems in society today can be traced to people who had low-exposure to Kermit the Frog as children. Luckily the panacea that is the internet has provided for us again.

I’ve never been quite sure of the Muppets since Disney bought them. Ever since the Walt Disney Company transformed into a cold-hearted, globe-spanning, moneyhungry media juggernaut and declared themselves our technofascist thought-leaders, they have managed to ruin a whole lot of seemingly-awesome things. And I’ve always been something of a Henson Company purist. I liked the goodnatured, freewheeling sense of humor that they projected. Entertainment that featured Muppets, but weren’t creatively-led by the The Jim Henson Company didn’t really hold a candle. As a child, I was raised on Fraggle Rock and I knew that Sesame Street was a poor, poor substitute for the real thing.

But the Disney company is doing alright by me. The Muppets have been enjoying a second(more like third or fourth)-coming on YouTube. In a world of 3D CGI, it’s nice to see something so refreshingly organic and technically masterful as the Muppet team doing what they do best. The handmade, expressive, and vibrant puppets with their natural-feeling movements seem light-years closer to reality than that Avatar crap. Plus, they’re doing a series where they do fantastic reinterpretation of some of your favorite songs. Neat.

This first one is my favorite. It really holds up to repeat viewings, it features classic Muppet-style absurdist visual humor, and (most importantly) it stars Beaker! Much like the raisins in Raisin Bran, I could never have enough Beaker in my Muppets. Really, a lot of these videos feature Beaker. I wonder if Walt Disney is reading my mind from within his icy cryochamber.

It’s a well-known fact that icewater pumps through my veins, and that I believe your puny human emotions keep you from operating at maximum efficiency. Still, when the bunny at the end starts dancing with his mouth open, I have a cute-overdose every time.

My daily life needs more of the Swedish Chef.

And here is the Muppet’s epic rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” All your favorites are here from Rizzo the Rat to Dr. Teeth (Note: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is the best bandname ever). The part with Animal makes me laugh every time.

Also, check out these vintage Muppet Show clips featuring Animal drum-battling Harry Belafonte and Buddy Rich.

Finally, the the fantastic duo of Statler and Waldorf manage to totally encapsulate my feelings about the intertubes.





One response

22 04 2010

I’ve been shying away from commenting…but…You know how I love the old muppets! These are great. I think someone must be channeling Jim Henson.~Ma

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