Art via Re-Appropriation: Done in 60 Seconds

12 04 2010

I’m kind of a Bruce Campbell fanboy. I like Bruce Campbell so much that I even watched Tornado!< once. But just once. I pretty much sat through all three Spider-Man movies just to watch his cameos. And I've got an original movie poster for Bubba Ho-Tep around here somewhere.

So I was pretty enthused to find out that Lee Hardcastle had created a 60 second-long claymation version of (what is perhaps) Bruce Campell’s defining film, Evil Dead. It was created for Empire Online’s “Done in Sixty Seconds” contest, where winners re-envisioned classic movies in under a minute.

The winner of the contest was Mark Wong and Chris Slaughter’s version of Top Gun, and deservedly so. There are more laughs in this 60 seconds then in a most of the half-hour blocks on TV. Also, I really think Top Gun sucks, so I support it satirization in any way, shape, or form.

Or maybe you’re more of an Avatar person.

Anyway, you should check out the rest of the selected “Done in Sixty Seconds” entries here.

While not part of the contest, I also ran across this little beauty on the internet. Not content to just summarize a movie in one minute, these enterprising filmmakers performed Forest Gump in one take.




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