The Art of the Funny Caption- Perfectly Timed Photos

6 03 2010

So I decided to do something more family oriented and all-inclusive for this post. But it turns out there are still gonna be terrible flesh wounds, catastrophic crashes, embarrassment, and profanity. Sorry Kids, I tried!

Everyone’s seen the classic “Picture with Funny Caption” combination, even if you’ve only heard tales of the internet that managed to reverberate down through the rock you’re living under. But the folks at Perfectly Timed Photos do it better than most. Oftentimes, the photographs are genuinely awesome, and the captions seldom fail to disappoint. Sure, many of them rely on lowest-common-denominator “GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN” internet humor, but it’s still a great place for yuks on the information superthingy.

It’s also a neat-o example of crowdsourcing and free labor. The photos and captions are submitted by viewers like you. Then, they’re voted on by the pitiless legion of basement dwellers known in some (geeky) circles as “Anonymous.” It’s a group activity, even though none of us can see each other. And individuals put in the work of trying to snap jaw-dropping photos and write knee-slapping captions- all just to win the approval of people that don’t matter and never will. But it’s funny! Here are some examples of the finest the site has to offer, along with shots of a few of the captions that didn’t make it. Behold the power of screencap technology! (Note, most of the “Also Ran” captions didn’t display right in WordPress. It’s midterms, so I don’t really have time to fiddle with it. Just go to their site, and stop bugging me, already.)




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