Remix Culture: Francis and I Hate Everything

23 02 2010

I wake up at 7:45 five days a week. I wake up over the course of a brisk, half-mile jaunt to class in the midst of a typical blow-your-brains-out Iowa February. Then I sit in class, walk home, walk back to class, and repeat ad nauseum. Since I’ve given up my crank habit for lent (stupid Catholicism), I make it through the day as a sentient ball of ire, fueled by rage, ill-will, and sugary foodstuffs. At the very least, I assuage my situation with a stream of constant grumblings a la Francis from Left 4 Dead.

Incidently, I do hate doctors, lawyers, cops, and Ayn Rand. Especially Ayn Rand.

This video is a good illustration of why I rail against strict enforcement of copyright law. Companies who try to shut down creative remixes like this one end up looking like jerks, and I don’t like to give jerks my money. By allowing people to remix content, it creates a broader audience for your product. I’d read countless reviews about how great Left 4 Dead was, and I worship Valve like the gods-in-mortal-form that they are. But it was ultimately this very video that persuaded me to play Left 4 Dead. I immediately fell in love with the gameplay, and Francis’s endearing misanthropy.

Tangentially, do you watch the fabulous videogame review webcomic Zero Punctuation? If not, what’s wrong with you? Check out his reviews of Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

As a final note, the commercials for Left 4 Dead 2 prominently featured a song by Clutch. Clutch rules. Evidence for this statement is provided below.




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